What is Omnata Sync for Snowflake?

The Omnata Sync for Snowflake is a data integration platform built on Snowflake.

To unpack that statement:

We focus on data integration, which is the task of keeping your business applications in sync with your data warehouse, and/or vice versa.

We are a platform in that we provide a foundation which can be built upon. We will provide standard connectors for the most popular SaaS applications, but we also allow customers and partners to build their own connectors with minimal effort. Our engine handles change tracking, environment branching, rate limiting, logging, alerting, and integration with other products like dbt. Our user interface provides a convenient, guided setup process, visibility of sync health down to the individual record, and inspection of long term audit trails.

We are built on Snowflake in that our product runs directly on our customer's Snowflake accounts, using only Snowflake platform features. We have no infrastructure of our own, and no access to our customer's datasets or Snowflake credentials. Data synchronisation occurs directly between the Snowflake platform and our customer's application. We distribute our product through the Snowflake marketplace, and are responsible for product updates and support. Billing occurs via our customer's existing billing relationship with Snowflake .

Who should use Omnata sync?

Omnata sync is for anyone who needs to replicate data into Snowflake from SaaS endpoints or out of Snowflake to SaaS endpoints.

The UI is native to Snowflake Streamlit and is designed with non-technical users in mind and it straight forward to configure and use. Data engineers and admins will find extra value in the git-style branching mode and dbt integration. Developers can look to extend and customise connectors for the app with the plugin framework.

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