Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (previously ExactTarget) is a provider of digital marketing automation and analytics software and services.

Authentication methods

Marketing Cloud uses a complicated mix of credentials and keys, depending on which features you use:

OAuth for APIs, SSH for SFTP and GPG payload encryption

OAuth for APIs, SSH for SFTP without payload encryption

Inbound Syncs

The following are available as inbound streams:

  • Data Extensions (Full Refresh only)

  • Journey History (Incremental only, beginning 30 days prior to sync start)

Outbound Syncs

Supported Targets

  • Data Extensions

Supported Sync Strategies

  • Upsert (performs an AddAndUpdate import operation)

  • Update (performs an UpdateButDoNotAdd import operation)

  • Create (performs an AddAndDoNotUpdate import operation)

  • Replace (performs an Overwrite import operation). Note that although Salesforce does not require a primary key for this operation, Omnata Push still requires one in order to properly track the full life cycle of records over time.

These operations are described here.

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