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Authentication methods

OAuth (User Created)

This method uses your own Zendesk App to authorize access, and is the most secure method since your own OAuth credentials are used.

You can create a OAuth client at: https://<your subdomain>.zendesk.com/admin/apps-integrations/apis/zendesk-api/oauth_clients

If you're unsure what value to set for the Redirect URLs, the following Snowflake query will construct it for your account: select 'https://'||t.value:host::varchar||'/oauth/complete-secret' as URI from table(flatten(input => parse_json(system$allowlist()))) as t where t.value:host::varchar LIKE 'apps-api%';

The Client name and Secret are used in the Omnata connection creation.

Inbound Syncs

The following are available as inbound streams:

  • Tickets (Full Refresh or Incremental)

  • Organizations (Full Refresh or Incremental)

  • Users (Full Refresh or Incremental)

Outbound Syncs

Supported Targets

  • Tickets

  • Users

  • Organizations

  • Custom Objects

Supported Sync Strategies

  • Create

  • Upsert

  • Mirror

  • Delete

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