Notification rules cause certain staff members to be notified of specific events occurring during runs of specific syncs. They are evaluated and actioned at the end of a sync run.


A channel is a way of delivering a notification. To configure initially:

  • Email: creates the Snowflake email integration object (though it may be possible to create as part of the application package)


Each channel can have multiple recipients, you can add them once the channel is connected.

  • For email, it's a group of email addresses. These must be provided and cannot currently be retrieved from Snowflake.

Each has a label, e.g. "Data Engineers"


Events are what needs to have happened during the sync run in order for the notification rule to match.

  • Sync Health State changes

  • Sync run ended with Healthy state

  • Sync run ended with Incomplete state

  • Sync run ended with Failed state

  • Sync run ended with Delayed state

Notification Rules

Each Notification Rule consists of:

  • Channel

  • Recipient

  • Events to match on

  • Which syncs it applies to, select one of:

    • All syncs (default)

    • All syncs for a specific app

    • All syncs for a specific connection

    • All syncs with specific tag

    • Specific syncs

  • Filter by environment (choose one):

    • All environments

    • Must be Production

    • Must be Non-production

  • Filter by branch (choose one):

    • All branches

    • main branch

    • non-main branch

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