LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a business and employment-focused social media platform that works through websites and mobile apps.

Authentication methods


OAuth with LinkedIn uses your own OAuth credentials, not Omnata's. To create them:

  1. Click "Create App"

  2. Give your app a Name and associate it with your LinkedIn company page (this will not make your app visible publicly)

  3. Upload a logo for this app, only you will see this during the OAuth flow from Snowflake

  4. Once your app is created, add an authorised URL for your Snowflake account. The following Snowflake query will construct the correct value for your account: select 'https://'||t.value:host::varchar||'/oauth/complete-secret' as URI from table(flatten(input => parse_json(system$allowlist()))) as t where t.value:host::varchar LIKE 'apps-api%';

  5. Ensure the following OAuth scopes are included: r_ads, r_ads_reporting, r_organization_social

  6. Generate a Client Secret, copy it along with the Client ID

Inbound Syncs

The following streams are supported:

Outbound Syncs

Currently there is no outbound sync functionality, but uploading offline conversions is coming soon!

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