Step-by-step guides

As of 1 Feb 2024, Omnata is generally available in all Snowflake AWS, Azure and Gov regions. Contact us about GCP regions.

The articles in this section walk you through installing and using Omnata Sync on Snowflake.

Omnata Sync is a Snowflake Native App, with no outside infrastructure, however you will need to explicitly grant the app access to operate within your Snowflake account. The installation and configuration process requires you to grant access with the correct Snowflake privileges.

The app is architected as follows:

  • Omnata Sync Engine - the core product capabilities, UI, etc.

  • Omnata <App> Plugin - the connectors to SaaS App endpoints.

You should follow this guide in this order:

  1. Install the Omnata Plugin for the SaaS apps you'll connect to

  2. Configure the Omnata Plugin(s)

  3. Create a connection

  4. Create a sync

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