1. Install the Omnata Sync Engine

The Omnata Sync Engine is the core engine of our app. It provides the UI, connection and sync management, activity history, alerts and integrations.

  1. Follow the marketplace steps to install the listing from the Snowflake marketplace.

    • Omnata Sync Engine is a Free listing. You will only be billed by the plugins you install.

    • Free plugins (like Google Sheets) are always free.

  2. Open the Sync Engine App and complete the initial onboarding steps:

    • Grant a warehouse for background tasks

    • Grant the app access via a Snowsite pop-up

  3. Some configuration steps require correct Snowflake privileges. ACCOUNTADMIN is the preferred level of access to perform all the required steps. If this is not possible, the configuration flows are designed to be completed asynchronously by multiple people if the primary app user must refer to an admin to complete some steps.

  4. Once you have installed the Sync Engine, you'll install and configure the Plugin for the SaaS app(s) you'd like to connect to. These are listed as separate native apps by Omnata.

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