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To connect ApprovalMax to Omnata, you need to have an active account. You can sign up for a free trial.


API Requests are authenticated using OAuth 2.0. You need to create an application for Omnata in the Developer Portal and obtain the necessary credentials.

To do this, you need to:

  1. Grant access to the Developer Portal: in order to access the Developer Portal and utilise the ApprovalMax Public API feature, please, request access to the Developer Portal.

  2. Create an application on the Developer Portal: it is mandatory to create an application on the Developer Portal to access the ApprovalMax Public API feature. When creating an application, you generate credentials that will be used for authentication purposes. These credentials are essential for establishing a secure connection between your application and the API. Without creating an application and obtaining the necessary credentials, access to the API feature will not be possible.

  3. Set User roles: to grant access on the consent page, the user must have the role of either Account Owner or Account Manager. This role requirement is in place to control access to sensitive data. It ensures that only users with the appropriate roles can authorise access to the API feature. If a user does not hold the required role, the system will not allow access to the API.

Inbound Syncs

The following streams are supported for inbound syncs:

  • Companies (Full Refresh and Incremental)

  • Xero Bills (Full Refresh and Incremental)

  • Xero Batch Payments (Full Refresh and Incremental)

  • Xero Credit Notes (Full Refresh and Incremental)

  • Xero Sales Invoices (Full Refresh and Incremental)

  • Xero Purchase Orders (Full Refresh and Incremental)

  • Xero Quotes (Full Refresh and Incremental)

There is also an option to perform SCD Type 2 syncs for Incremental streams by selecting "historize" within the stream configuration. This will allow you to capture changes to records over time.

If you use QBooks, please contact Omnata support to enable the QBooks streams.

Outbound Syncs

There is currently no outbound direction support for this App, but please let us know if you have a use case in mind.

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