Object Configuration

Omnata automates the default Salesforce setup process for External Objects and simplifies the handling of underlying schema changes.

The following pages will describe how to create and validate your integration, how to link objects to create drill-downs, reporting, and row-level filtering.


External Objects are created for each Data Warehouse Connection. Omnata allows you to mix data warehouses if you use more than one type.

Create an External Object

Omnata creates external objects from the data warehouse object that you select. Omnata replaces the usual Salesforce administration steps.

Omnata's setup process will not make any changes to objects in your data warehouse.

Table/View Requirements

To access a view from Salesforce, it must have a column which contains unique values (commonly known as a "Primary Key").

It is a requirement of Salesforce Connect that records must be identifiable individually as a single column, and this column is referred to as the "External ID".

Rename Object/Field Labels

You can rename the object and field labels under "Actions"

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