Deciding which mode to use

External Objects vs Lightning Web Components
Omnata Connect for Salesforce, operates in one of two modes:
  • External data live-queried via External Objects, via a custom Salesforce Connect adapter
  • External data live-queried via our Lightning Web Components
The key difference is that External Objects can be used throughout the Salesforce platform, but require a Salesforce Connect license. Lightning Web Components do not require a Salesforce Connect license, but are limited to providing a record/list view of the data.
Feature Comparison Matrix:
External Objects
Lightning Components
View external data in a list, with sorting and filtering
View individual records
Navigate to related records
On a standard/custom record page, view a related list of external data
Configure connections and objects/fields via the Setup UI
Reconcile schema changes via the Setup UI
Search across all records in an external dataset
Query external data via Apex code
Apply row level filtering to external data access
Apply advanced multi-currency conversion to external data
Use external data in Salesforce Reporting
Use external data in Salesforce Automation (Flows and Processes)
Perform SOQL queries on external data
Navigate to specific external records from the tab menu