📘Release History


Created: 2024-06-18

fixed sync issue with record_counts being invalid


Created: 2024-06-18

reverted syncId fields back to plugin codebase


Created: 2024-06-18

fixed issue for passing null in paging cursor


Created: 2024-06-17

  • bumped runtime version to latest

  • bumped api version to use 2024-04

  • updated stream update_replies to correctly pull data back all replies

  • updated streams update_replies, updates, update_assets to allow incremental loads based on when boards have been modified

  • updated json schema to include descriptions

  • updated full refresh sync strategy to always start with fresh state

  • upated documentation


Created: 2024-04-02

  • Bump plugin runtime version

  • Built with omnata-plugin-devkit==0.3.17 which includes pinned stored proc dependencies

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