Microsoft Entra ID

Formerly known as Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Entra ID is an integrated cloud identity and access solution, and a leader in the market for managing directories, enabling access to applications, and protecting identities. Bring in your users from Microsoft Entra ID to Omnata to integrate a master user record across systems.


OAuth (Microsoft Entra ID)

Visit the Microsoft Docs for Setting up Microsoft Entra ID based authentication

Setting up a new connection

When setting up a new connection you have the following option for authentication:

  • OAuth (Microsoft Entra)

Items you will need to setup a connection:

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

  • Tenant ID

Inbound Syncs

The streams have been designed so that you are able to create SCD Type 2 tables in Snowflake. This means that you can track changes to entities over time if you choose to historize the data. A full refresh will occur each time, but the behaviour of the streams will allow you to track changes over time.

Currently the following data can be retrieved:

  • users

  • user_identities

  • user_assigned_licenses

  • user_assigned_plans

  • user_provisioned_plans

  • user_license_assignment_states

Outbound Syncs

There is currently no outbound direction support for this App, but please contact us and we can add features for your use case.

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