📘Release History


Created: 2024-04-10

  • ngrok tunnel limits can now be increased centrally by Omnata


Created: 2024-04-10

  • Fixed an issue where an error occurs if an inbound stream does not report state before ending

  • Added support for ad-hoc consumer-facing functions that can be shipped with plugins and invoked using a connection slug

  • Fixed an issue where an error can occur when customizing streams

  • Fixed an issue where ngrok-based connections may display an error during initial creation


Created: 2024-04-03

  • If the native app doesn't own an inbound raw table, it will no longer error on configuration save when attempting to run grant statements


Created: 2024-03-28

  • When hovering on the help text for a custom cron schedule, a human readable description is now shown instead of the cron expression

  • All streamlit dependencies are now pinned to specific package versions, to ensure Anaconda availability


Created: 2024-03-27

  • Fixed an issue where outbound sync pre-flight checks would fail due to source table not being quoted correctly

  • Provided a fallback configuration option for new streams when the plugin runtime is less than 0.3.19

  • Provided a maintenance process which deletes Sync Record State History older than a configurable number of days, to reduce storage costs at high record volume

  • Fixed an issue where outbound syncs could not have record transformation applied due to table names not being quoted

  • Created all Sequences with the ORDER attribute set, to ensure identifiers increment

  • Included the application's own database in the list of outbound source databases

  • Reverted the UI back to Streamlit 1.22.0


Created: 2024-03-25

  • Fixed an issue where results deduplication did not work correctly for inbound syncs

  • Fixed an issue where the append storage behaviour would create duplicate records


Created: 2024-03-25

  • During post run processing, added some exception logging logic so that transaction rollback errors don't cause the original error to be lost


Created: 2024-03-22

  • On the Syncs list, custom schedules now display the cron string without needing to hover on the help text

  • Inbound syncs no longer offer a choice of Incremental or Full Refresh unless you choose the Customize option. Instead, Auto mode will choose incremental where possible, and fall back on full refresh.

  • Storage behaviour is still a choice, but it is now "Merge changes" or "Keep history" in the UI and an explanatory diagram is included.

  • For full refreshes, the term "Replace" has been deprecated in favour of "Merge"

  • Upgraded the UI to Streamlit 1.26.0

  • Fixed streamlit warning on pre-populated checkboxes on sync configuration forms


Created: 2024-03-21

  • Syncs list now has a column for Sync Schedule

  • Fixed issue where multi-select dropdown with required value allowed the user to continue without any values selected

  • Added some extra columns to the SYNC_RUN view, relating to inbound record counts

  • Fix issue where deletion by criteria with the append storage behaviour could append multiple delete records for the same identifier

  • Added a button on the inbound sync run screen to refresh the list of streams


Created: 2024-03-19

  • The total number of inbound records for a run is now logged pre and post deduplication. A warning is logged if deduplication removed records.

  • Fixed an issue with the new deletion functionality, where the new sync engine version was not compatible with older runtime versions

  • Fixed an issue where non-empty inbound runs were hidden by the "Hide empty completed runs" checkbox


Created: 2024-03-17

  • After clearing state for an inbound sync, the table is truncated when applying the results for the next run


Created: 2024-03-15

  • The "Append" inbound storage behaviour now only stores changed records, making it much more storage efficient when used with the Full Refresh strategy.

  • Inbound sync tables now contain a flag which indicates when the record has been deleted at the source. When using the Full Refresh strategy, this is maintained automatically via the absence of previous records.

  • Inbound sync tables now contain the run id that the most recent change for each record belongs to.

  • Plugins can now provide individual record deletions, and also deletions by criteria for inbound incremental syncs. This requires omnata-plugin-runtime version 0.3.15 or greater.

  • When processing results of inbound syncs at the end of the run, the engine will commit the data and latest state of each stream individually, so that if errors are encountered then progress is not lost.

  • When a sync runs for longer than its configured limit, it is assumed failed and can be re-ran. The previous run will be marked as failed when this occurs.

  • Sync run id is now included in event span attributes, to make it easier to filter event table queries

  • When comparing branch stream configurations, the stream state is no longer included in the comparison.

  • Fixed issue with Sync History tab where incomplete outbound syncs did not render correctly

  • Inbound stream cursor field now has the default value applied to it at initial sync creation, so that plugins don't need to check both values

  • Fully deprecated the internal Sync Run Log table in favour of event tables


Created: 2024-03-07

  • Added the PLUGIN_UPDATE_API_CONFIGURATION stored procedure, which can reset the integrations and secret bindings for plugin udfs/procedures

  • Fixed Streamlit error when switching between full and incremental inbound sync strategy for a single stream

  • Provided a button in the Advanced area of Settings which re-binds all plugin integration and secret objects

  • Ensure default cursor field is applied for incremental syncs

  • Fixed issue where Streamlit could not show information about an SSL certificate because the pyopenssl library was no longer available


Created: 2024-03-06

  • Fixed streamlit UI error on sync home screen when production connection is not yet configured for inbound syncs in branch mode

  • Fixed issue when nominating a production connection for inbound syncs

  • When presenting dbt model configuration for streams, handled the scenario where JSON schema is not available

  • Inbound stream schemas are now fetched when syncs or branches are created or updated, so that the schema is visible in the UI prior to the first run


Created: 2024-03-06

In normalized views, object fields are now supported as columns


Created: 2024-03-05

Fixed issue where refreshing inbound stream schemas manually resulted in an error


Created: 2024-03-03

This is the first version to contain release notes.

Changes in this version:

  • Reset page number when stream search changes

  • Killing sync runs no longer attempts to kill the Snowflake query

  • Added a refresh button to the Syncs page

  • Inbound sync history is now paginated

  • Added a refresh button to the Connections page

  • Fixed error when recreating views for inbound syncs

  • Removed sync engine billing from daily billing run in preparation for switch to plugin-only billing

  • Added consumer facing views of internal app state

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