View your data in a list

Omnata Connect will automatically create a Tab which allows you to view your data.

This tab is not a standard Salesforce object tab, it's a Lightning Component tab which closely resembles one.

Where a Salesforce object tab renders on-platform data, this Lightning Component tab uses the fields and list view definitions of an empty custom object, and renders a list view using live-queried external data.

You can navigate to this tab from the Setup UI:

Or directly from the App Launcher:

The list can be sorted and searched the same way as a normal list.

Multiple list views can be configured, and filters specified. This must be performed by an admin, by visiting the regular tab for the custom object:

When doing this, you can change fields and also add filters, but no data will be visible as it's not stored on the Salesforce platform.

After making a List View change, refresh the Lightning Component tab for the object and the changes will be visible.

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