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Authentication methods


Use your username, password, and security token to authenticate as a user.
If you don't know your security token, see the Salesforce docs for instructions on how to reset it.

Inbound Syncs

Supported Sync Strategies

  • Full Refresh - Replace
  • Full Refresh - Append
  • Incremental - Append
  • Incremental - Merge

Supported Streams

The following objects are supported:
There are some objects that appear in the global describe() results that are not valid for syncing, for various reasons:
  • Any object ending in "ChangeEvent" is not allowed to be queried
  • Certain objects don't support fetching via the query API, and some can only be fetched as a nested result in another object type
  • If there is a particular object missing from the list which you expect to be able to sync, please get in touch at [email protected]
Each object is synced as a separate stream and appears as a separate table in Snowflake.
The available objects are determined by Salesforce access rules:
  • The roles and permissions of the authenticated Salesforce user
  • The Salesforce object must be accessible with the "queryable" property set to true.

Outbound Syncs

Supported Targets

  • Standard Objects
  • Custom Objects

Supported Sync Strategies