Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) is an online advertising platform developed by Microsoft, where advertisers bid to display brief ads, service offers, product listings and videos to web users

Authentication methods


Getting authentication credentials to work with this API can be difficult.

Please follow the instructions carefully, but feel free to contact us if you are unable to successfully create a connection.

  1. In order to obtain the client id, client secret and tenant id, follow these instructions.

  2. Once your app is registered add an authorised URL for your Snowflake account. The following Snowflake query will construct the correct value for your account: select 'https://'||t.value:host::varchar||'/oauth/complete-secret' as URI from table(flatten(input => parse_json(system$allowlist()))) as t where t.value:host::varchar LIKE 'apps-api%';

  3. Follow these instructions to get a developer token.

Inbound Syncs

The following streams are supported:

  • accounts

  • campaigns

  • ad sets

  • ads

  • report_campaign_daily (basic campaign metrics at a daily granularity)

Outbound Syncs

Currently there is no outbound sync functionality, but uploading offline conversions is coming soon!

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