SingleStore (previously MemSQL)
SingleStore is a distributed, relational, SQL database management system that features ANSI SQL support and is known for speed in data ingest, transaction processing, and query processing.

SingleStore Account Prerequisites

You must have a SingleStore Managed Service, with the HTTP API enabled.

Authentication Methods

SingleStore connections support Username & Password authentication.

Supported Data Types

The following table describes the current mapping between Firebolt data types and Salesforce.
Corresponding Salesforce type
float, double, decimal,int,tinyint,smallint,mediumint,bigint
NUMBER_TYPE if the precision is < 18, otherwise STRING_SHORT_TYPE
(not BOOLEAN_TYPE, because NULL values wouldn't be supported)
Dates are not supported by Salesforce Connect, but the adapter converts to DATETIME_TYPE (at midnight) for convenience.
This makes them usable but potentially misleading.
varchar, text
STRING_SHORT_TYPE if the max length is <255, otherwise STRING_LONG_TYPE
STRING_SHORT_TYPE, 1 character
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SingleStore Account Prerequisites
Authentication Methods
Supported Data Types